Parks & Rec Scholarship Program

A partnership between Des Moines Public Schools and Des Moines Parks and Recreation seeks to expand youth services in the community and have all students involved in an extracurricular activity by the time they complete fifth grade.   Students enrolled in Des Moines Public Schools, who qualify for free and reduced fees based on their household income, can opt-in to register for Parks and Recreation youth sports and group swim lessons for just $5.

Programs include:

    • Youth Baseball for Grades 3-7
    • Coach Pitch Baseball for Grades 1-2
    • Tee Ball for K-1
    • Swim Lessons for K-12 (Group Lessons Only)
    • Youth Basketball for K-7
    • Youth Flag Football for K – 7
    • Youth Soccer for K – 7
    • Youth Volleyball for Grades 1-7
    • Youth Rugby for Grades 1-7

How do I apply for the Scholarship Program?

In order to apply for the scholarship program, simply read the italicized “Opt-In Application” section below and then click the “opt in” link at the bottom of this page.   Once you have completed the form and been approved, you may then begin registering for Parks & Rec youth programming.   The process of getting approved can take several weeks, so please do not wait until the last minute of registration.

How do I sign up for Parks & Rec programs?

Once you have completed the “opt-in” form, then you will be able to sign up for any of the activities listed above through the Des Moines Parks & Recreation Website.

What if I have other questions?

If you have questions about the scholarship program or need assistance signing up for programs, please see the Frequently Asked Questions or contact Des Moines Parks & Rec directly at


In order to opt-in, please read the language below and click the link at the bottom

I hereby consent to share the fact of my child’s eligibility for free/reduced fees with the City of Des Moines Parks and Recreation Department (“DMPR”).  I understand that the District will share this information with DMPR for the sole purpose of determining my child’s eligibility for a DMPR Youth Recreational Scholarship Program which would provide my child with discounts on many DMPR activities.  

The DMPR Youth Recreational Scholarship Program allows all DMPS students who receive free/reduced fees based on household income access to $5 youth sports registrations and $5 group swim lessons through DMPR.  Once you have given consent you will be directed to the DMPR website to create an account and find out more about how to register.

I understand that my decision to consent or not consent to the sharing of this information will not affect my child’s eligibility for free/reduced fees, and that my consent to sharing this information is knowingly and voluntarily given.  I further understand that the District will not share my child’s free/reduced fees eligibility with any other entity or program, other than as described above.